Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Still Winter........

Merry evening friends.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  Some of you, like me, may have just gotten thru a very big snow on March 25.  Not December, or January, or February 25....but March :)   We had a big between 6-10 inches in our area.  Here in our yard we got about 7 inches before it was over.  Here's a pic the first morning!

Now Spring arrived, by calendar on March 20, but you wouldn't know it.  Something you'll learn about me though, is that I love Winter...and snow!  So I wasn't necessarily upset about this gorgeous surprise.  I actually loved it.  One last snow for me was a good thing.  I have seen people grousing and complaining about it, even threatening those poor groundhogs! LOL!  But I am of the belief that everything happens in it's time.  Take each day as it comes, make the most of it.  To do that, I had an all day fire in the fireplace, made some hot chocolate, and watched movies in my recliner.  I also went out and made up half a dozen large snowballs and put them in my freezer!  I will love pulling them out in the hottest part of the Summer, and watch the grandbabies play with them, or just let them melt down my neck, or maybe as a friend suggested, make a frozen margarita with them!! 

Spring is coming soon...even here the temps are warming up into the 50's this weekend and the snow has almost completely melted already.  Daffodils, tulips and crocuses are blooming.  I too, look forward to Spring...planning and working in my new yard, in my new gardens. Doing things outdoors with my girls and my grandbabies.  Taking walks, eating lighter, dressing lighter....  Can't wait!  But for a couple of days, I enjoyed the last fling of Winter and waking up to a beautiful, glittering, snowy morning.

"The last fling of winter is over ... The earth, the soil itself, has a dreaming quality about it. 
It is warm now to the touch; it has come alive; it hides secrets that in a moment,
in a little while, it will tell."
- Donald Culross Peattie

Peace and Love
Kim aka Nana


  1. I love Nana's blog! you have so much fun in front of the fire; playing with the grandkids; going to movies with Sara! Oh and a dinner here and there with the hubby! Fun times! <3 you

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!! oh more cozy things to read about. This photo I fell in love with it the moment I saw it...I miss the snow so much, like you I am a winter baby, heat not my favorite thing. hmmm (sigh*) I will see it soon I have faith. <3